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yarusevych  Dr. Serhiy Yarusevych (Principal Investigator)


Postdoctoral Researchers

Burak Tuna Burak Ahmet Tuna (Postdoc)
Effect of turbulence intensity on liquid film evaporation in developing channel flows.

Co-supervised by Prof. X. Li

Graduate Students

jeff mcclure Jeff McClure (PhD candidate)
PhD Thesis: Experimental and numerical investigations of flow induced loading and vortex induced vibrations of cylinderical bodies.

MASc Thesis (2015): On the Planar Flow Development and Structual Loading of Cylinders with Circular Fins in Cross-Flow.

john kurelek
John Kurelek (PhD candidate)
Thesis: Three-dimensional aspects of boundary layer separation and separated shear layer transition.

Co-supervised by Prof. M. Kotsonis (TU Delft)

MASc Thesis (2016): Transition in a laminar separation bubble and the effect of acoustic excitation

caddie zhang Xueqing (Caddie) Zhang (PhD candidate)
Thesis: Interaction of a water droplet on a solid surface with an impinging air jet.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

yash shah Yash Shah (PhD candidate)
Thesis: Effect of polymer edditives on boundary layer transition in marine applications.
supun pieris

Supun Pieris (PhD candidate)
Thesis: Flow induced vibrations of tandem plates.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

MASc Thesis (2017): Experimental investigation of a
normally impinging planar jet.

Erik Marble Erik Marble (MASc candidate)
Thesis: Structural response and wake vortex dynamics of cylindrical structures undergoing VIV with elliptic trajectories.

Co-supervised by Prof. C. Morton (U of Calgary)

amit dutta Amitvikram (Amit) Dutta (MASc candidate)
Thesis: Compbined experimental and numerical analysis of confined jets.

Co-supervised by Prof. J.P. Hickey

dallyn wynnychuk Dallyn Wynnychuk (MASc candidate)
Thesis: Application of infrared imaging to flow measurements on airfoils.


Alumni Graduate Students and Research Associates

mark istvan
Mark Istvan (MASc, 2017)
Thesis: Effect of free stream turbulence on laminar separation bubble.
Theo Michelis Theo Michelis (PhD, 2017)
Thesis: Boundary layer separation: diagnostics and control.

Co-supervised by Prof. M. Kotsonis

laura haya Laura Haya (Postdoc, 2016-2017)
Project: Droplet dynamics on a solid surface subject to air jet flow.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

sahil mahey
Sahil Mahey (MASc, 2017)
Thesis: Flow induced vibrations of foreign objects in heat exchangers.
Eugene Zivkov (Research assistant, 2017)
Project: Interaction of vortices with flexible structures in energy harvesting systems.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

stefan proebsting Stefan Pröbsting (Postdoc, 2016)
Tonal noise production and feedback effect on airfoils in low Reynolds number flows.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Moreau (U de Sherbrooke)

PhD Thesis (2015, TU Delft): Airfoil self-noise

andrew lambert Andrew Lambert (MASc, 2015)
Thesis: Experimental investigation of coherent structures in laminar separation bubbles.
chris morton
Christopher Morton (PhD, 2014)
PhD thesis: Experimental and numerical research of flow development over complex cylindrical geometries in engineering applications.

MASc thesis (2010): Experimental and numerical investigations of the flow development over cylinders with stepwise discontinuities in diameter.
manpreet bansal
Manpreet Bansal (MASc, 2014)
Thesis: Experimental and numerical investigation of flows in tube bundles.
sina rafati
Sina Rafati (MASc, 2014)
Thesis: Investigation of step cylinder turbulent wake development using TOMO PIV.

Co-supervised by Prof. F. Scarano (TU Delft)

holly neatby
Holly Neatby (MASc, 2014)
Thesis: Experimental evaluation of flow-measurement-based
drag estimation methods.
tom kirk
Thomas Kirk (MASc, 2014)
Thesis: The later stages of transition over a NACA 0018 airfoil at a low Reynolds number.
bulent yaniktepe Bülent Yaniktepe (Visiting Professor, 2013)
michael boutilier Michael Boutilier (MASc, 2011)
Thesis: Experimental investigation of transition over a NACA 0018 airfoil at a low Reynolds number.
sina kheirhah Sina Kheirkhah (MASc, 2011)
Thesis: Vortex-induced vibrations of a pivoted circular cylinder and their control using a tuned-mass damper.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Narasimhan

richard lourenco
Richard Lourenco (MASc, 2011)
Thesis: Design, construction, and testing of an adaptive pendulum tuned mass damper.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Narasimhan

ryan gerakopulos
Ryan Gerakopulos (MASc, 2011)
Thesis: Investigating flow over an airfoil at low Reynolds numbers using novel time-resolved surface pressure measurements.
Sebastian Goodfellow Sebastian Goodfellow (MASc, 2010)
Thesis: Active flow control using synthetic jet actuation.

Co-supervised by Prof. P.E. Sullivan (U of T)

Michael Bishop Michael Bishop (MASc, 2010)
Thesis : Experimental investigation of the effect of wall adaptation on flow over a cylinder in a modernized adaptive-wall wind tunnel.
Ignacio Carvajal Dr. Ignacio Carvajal Mariscal (Visiting Professor, 2008-2009)


Undergraduate Student Teams





Alumni Undergraduate Students

Colin Pavan (2016-2017)
Susanne Vanicat (2016)
Julien Joly (2014)
Victor Cleren (2012-2013)
Sebastien Ulesie (2012-2013)
Chris Halmo (2012)
John Kurelek (2011)
Kiefer Lindsay (2011)
Jeff McClure (2011)
Vincent Le Goff (2011)
Madhavan Gopal (2011)
Holly Neatby (2010)
Yusuke Koda (2010)
Boyd Panton (2009)
Derek Buursma (2009)
Michael Boutilier (2008)
Mathieu Poirier (2008)
David Marak (2008)
Randy Haydon (2008)
Gabriel Krausz (2008)
Ryan Gerakopulos (2007-2008)
Michael Bishop (2006-2007)
Vladimir Popic (2006)

Group Picture Gallery

Skiing trip, 2018 TIM, 2018
FMRL Skiing trip 2018 FMRL TIM 2018
Theo's graduation, 2017 Holiday party, 2017
Theo Michelis graduation 2017 FMRL holiday party
AIAA Aviation, 2017 ASME Fluids, 2017
AIAA Aviation 2017 Asme Fluids 2017
TIM, 2017 TSFP road trip, 2017
TIM Fluids 2017 TSFP 2017
Holiday Party, 2016 Skiing trip, 2017
FMRL Holiday party 2016 FMRL Skiing 2017
Canoeing trip, 2016 Body rafting, 2016
FMRL Canoeing 2016
Sking trip, 2016 TIM, 2016
FMRL Skiing 2015 FMRL Skiing 2015
Sking trip, 2015 Holiday Party, 2015
FMRL Skiing 2015
Holiday Party, 2014
Manpreet's MASc seminar day, 2014 Julien's last day at UW, 2014
Group BBQ, 2014 Bulent Yaniktepe's last day at UW, 2013
TSFP 8, France, 2013 Sabbatical at TU Delft, 2013
Group paintball tournament, 2012 APS, San Diego, 2012
Holiday dinner, 2011 1000 Islands Fluids Meeting (TIM), 2012
TSFP 7, Ottawa, 2011 AIAA conference, Hawaii, 2011
AIAA conference, Chicago, 2010 Holiday dinner, 2010
ASME conference, Montreal, 2010 Sina makes new friends in Montreal, 2010
Holiday dinner, 2009 Group BBQ, 2010
Ryan & Mike "relaxing" in the wind tunnel, 2009 AIAA conference, San-Antonio, 2009
yarusevych yarusevych
Holiday dinner, 2008
yarusevych yarusevych
yarusevych yarusevych